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Minimize Group in the taskbar

Submitted by SondreB on August 18, 2009 to Annoyance, Legacy, Usability

The Minimize Group context menu from the taskbar in Windows XP and Windows Vista has been removed from Windows 7. The new "alternative" is to wiggle a window (or use a Windows key shortcut) to hide other windows. This is not the same as Minimize Group, which hides all the windows in a specific group. This is a feature I used every single day on Windows Vista and is now gone from Windows 7. Please add this feature again to the taskbar context menu.

Add a "Minimize Group" option to the context menu, similar to the "Close all windows" option which still exists.

Alternative solution reported by xombie:
If you Shift+Right click on the application's taskbar button, you'll get the old context menu, and Minimize All Windows is present.



Not fixed

The old menu is still available using Shift + Right Click, though it would be much better if that option additionally was available in the new menu.

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