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Add the ability to queue file transfers in windows explorer

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File transfer efficiency

Submitted by fluxtras on July 16, 2009 to Annoyance, Usability

When doing some HD maintenance, a lot of files are moved around. When you go to one folder and select some files to move it to another, or even another HD, it is fine, you get one que.

However, when you are moving around a lot of files and folders from different locations (but on one harddisk, maybe different partitions) you get different queues lining up and trying to work simultaniously on one harddisk. Very annoying, because if you could queue the entire process it would be much faster, with less HD activity (less (almost randomly) reading and writing around over the entire disk). I know there is native command queing and such, but at the core is the problem, the OS.

I have sent numerous "Feedbacks" to MS Windows 7-team, when it was in Beta. And also tried it on occasion on different issues, never got any replies.

When moving files, or a collection of files, larger than a certain number/file size, make a que. If you add more files from the same physical HD in an new assignment, que this collection of files to the original assignment.

Now everything will go at it's time, without bothering each other. HD transfer speed will go up. In the list you get with this method, you should really have an option to move items up in the que.

When you have more than one physical disk you are active on, make it so every physical disk has it's own que. However, when there is interaction with the harddisks in the different que's, it should be logical that they form one que, so they don't disturb each others file transfers.

Oh yeah.. A pause button for individual que files. But I would already be happy with a general pause button.

Picture added: the colors and icons could be better, this is what I found available. And MSPaint in 7 ain't that wonderful either. The STOP button should be an X i think or a MINUS. The move to top/bottom/up/down would be better off with a contextmenu command. Less clutter.



Not fixed

Discussion (3 comments)

currysini wrote on March 20, 2010, 7:04am

try TeraCopy it does just that thing :) BUT it seems as if the transferspeed is set to the half of the maximum possible speed, don't ask me why

McBrown wrote on April 4, 2011, 8:25am

It could be that you used 1 USB controller with 2 ports, this can divide the bus-speed.

Anyway, I'm liking Terra copy allready. Pretty weird that MS didn't build this as a default feature. It even does CRC checks :)

McBrown wrote on April 4, 2011, 8:46am

Me again! :P

I've read up on the transfer rate issue. I'm actually very impressed by this. TeraCopy not just queue's the files, but also knows how to address a device.

My situation: I have a old USB disk with PATA connection internally. Tera copy recognizes the device and bus type, that is beeing used. And puts the device in the correct mode. (That meant, my copy's didn't go faster then 24MB/s)

To get back on my earlier statement: In this case, it is not a limit of your USB but this limit is the bus of the slowest device.

nyp wrote on October 27, 2011, 4:59am

Marked as duplicate.

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