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Internet Explorer needs a "save files in this location by default" option

Submitted by sfsdfd on June 28, 2009 to Annoyance, Usability

Whenever I request to save an object in IE, I'm greeted with the standard "Save As" box.

I understand that this is somewhat consistent with other apps - e.g., office apps never know where you want to save your document or what you want to call it (although they make some good guesses.) And it's likely that users may want to save office docs in many locations.

But objects in IE already *have* a name. And while I might like a "Save As" option in IE, I might ALSO like a simple "Save" option... i.e., "save it in my default location with the name that it already has."

Admittedly, this is one feature of Firefox that I really love over IE, and one of the many small irritations with IE that is forcing me to keep using Firefox. I hate being asked, every time I'm going to save a file, "where do you want to save it?" ... the unnecessary dialog box interrupts my work with the actual web page.

One of two possible solutions here (neither of which compromises the default "Save "As" behavior):

(1) Create a separate context menu option for "Save," to mimic the typical "Save" functionality of office apps. Retain the current option as "Save As."

(2) Simply replicate the Firefox functionality (shown below): create an option in IE to allow a user to reconfigure the "Save As" option.



Not fixed

Discussion (1 comments)

kontamusse wrote on March 22, 2011, 3:11pm

The Firefox solution is great.
The only way to make it better would be to specify different targets based on the file type (CSV files goes to a dir, PDF files open, BMP files always ask and so on)

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