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[MICROSOFT] Create a Windows Future Forum (Petition)

Submitted by limulus on April 30, 2009 to Website suggestions

You know the drill. This has been stated before. Microsoft needs to create an OFFICIAL forum system, ideally modelled after the Windows Taskforce or Dell's IdeaStorm, where people can submit their suggestions in a streamlined way AND THEY ARE ACTED UPON.

Why do I post this suggestion then?

Simple: Because I hope to gather yet more support for this cause. I have created a formal petition addressed to Microsoft ( stating those needs. Petitionspot does not require people to sign up in order to sign a petition. Please sign the petition to voice your support for the creation of such a system.

Sign the petition at . Spread the word and place a link to the petition somewhere if you can. Hope that the Taskforce idea will at last be fully embraced by Microsoft.

Note: There is no need to vote on this suggestion.



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