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FIXED IN 7068 ::::: Windows XP or other Machines does not show up in NETWORK (windows 7 x64 Build 7057)

Submitted by itsmelee on March 24, 2009 to Bug


XP computers do not show up in the Network, which previously worked in build 7000 and 7047. What is stange is that you can type in \\(computer name) and it will show up the shares, but it does not actually show up in the network places. Even with the correct workgroup name and settings the only way to browse the network is to type the full path in Explorer manually.

Boy ★ Lee

its a bug. Bug fix required.
in x64 builds its 100% buggy, because multiple reboots and network setups etc doesnt seem to resolve this issue. in previous builds, computers show up in network with so much charm, with no delay. what happened to 7057 build?

Note: 32 bit 7057 doesnt seem to be affected by this bug


Boy ★ Lee




Fixed in build 7068.

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nyp wrote on February 17, 2010, 7:31am

Changed status from [Not fixed] to [Fixed]

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