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Most popular submissions by user "nick"

Registered since: November 2, 2008

377 +419/-42 votes

Extend the taskbar to multiple screens

Submitted by nick on November 2, 2008 to Annoyance, Usability

Now when you have multiple screens, the taskbar is only shown on the first one.
It is annoying not having the taskbar extend onto the next screen because you can't see which windows are on there.

It would be nice if the taskbar extends to all the screens, preferably a taskbar per screen.




It's there in Windows 8.


133 +180/-47 votes

Add a decent Defrag tool

Submitted by nick on November 2, 2008 to Annoyance, Usability

The Defrag tool hasn't been updated in a long time, then in Vista it was rewritten but it came out worse than before.

Please provide a user interface where you can at least see the progress that is made. Now you can't see anything (more...)

Provide a disk map of the current progress, maybe even with a progressbar.



Not fixed


69 +74/-5 votes

Incorrect filesize in Explorer when refreshing (Vista)

Submitted by nick on November 5, 2008 to Bug

I don't know if this is fixed in 7 but:
- Open Windows Explorer and select a file.
- Check the size (in my case 10 bytes)
- The size on the statusbar is also 10 bytes.
- Now press F5 to refresh.
- The size in the (more...)

Make sure the file size is displayed correctly.



Not fixed


50 +58/-8 votes

More feedback at boottime

Submitted by nick on November 3, 2008 to Annoyance

In Vista, when the system boots you get a black screen for a long time, then the 'orb' comes up and after that the login screen.
The first 'black' screen can take up to 10-20 seconds and the only thing that shows progress is (more...)

1. Show the real progress when booting with a percentage progressbar.
2. Maybe show some more text about what is loading.
3. Is the orb really needed?



Not fixed


36 +63/-27 votes

Tabbed Explorer

Submitted by nick on November 2, 2008 to Usability

It would be nice to have tabsin the Windows Explorer, just like in IE.
This also avoids having multiple Explorers open at the same time.

Add tabs, like in Internet Explorer.



Not fixed


34 +35/-1 votes

Move dialogs automatically from the second to first monitor when only 1 monitor is attached

Submitted by nick on December 9, 2008 to Annoyance, Bug, Usability

On a laptop, when docked and having two monitors you can place dialogs on both monitors.
The position of the dialogs are saved when closed so when you close dialogs on monitor 2, they reopen on monitor 2.

Now, when you start up the (more...)

Windows should detect that the dialog is outside of the bounds of monitor 1 and move it to the same location but on monitor 1.



Not fixed


-34 +20/-54 votes

Bring back the basic search

Submitted by nick on November 2, 2008 to Annoyance

When searching in Vista, it searches through the contents of files, the filenames,
with indexing on/off,...
This is all way to cumbersome. I have found that most of the time I find more unrelated files to my search than related ones and (more...)

Bring back the basic search from XP.



Not fixed


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