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Most popular submissions by user "alphanerd"

Registered since: October 29, 2008

90 +114/-24 votes

Classic looks like crap

Submitted by alphanerd on October 29, 2008 to Aesthetics, Bug

Classic mode looks like a sloppy job. Why?:
1. The Start menu does not have borders
2. The find icon in explorer is outdated and squished 1px
3. Calculator's glass buttons turn into regular button with a background which look (more...)

Make it more like classic on vista, which looks better, or even XP's, which was the best.



Not fixed


37 +43/-6 votes

Start Menu needs serious reorganization

Submitted by alphanerd on July 21, 2009 to Annoyance, Usability

Windows' start menu is extremely cluttery. Programs are in wrong categorys, scattered around, etc. Programs, instead of installing in categories, install in their own group. This isn't Windows 3.1 people. In fact, when I even open a program (more...)

Make StartUp a redirection to the regisrtry so we won't have to see that group again.

Vista was smart to add a few more groups, start using them, re-sort the accessories group, move and add groups, and encourage developers to use categories (more...)



Not fixed

-15 +4/-19 votes

Merge tab bar with title bar for tabbed dialogs

Submitted by alphanerd on July 9, 2009 to Aesthetics, Usability

The titlebar is wasted space that could be used to make smaller dialog boxes. When was the last time you needed it?

Put the tab navigator froma tabbed dialog box in the titlebar.



Not fixed

-21 +8/-29 votes

Boot progress bar is nothing like regular Aero one

Submitted by alphanerd on November 26, 2008 to Aesthetics

The boot progress bar is blue compared to the one in Aero, which is green.

Change the colour on either.





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