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Comments by user "jayjaygross"

Registered since: January 28, 2011

Allow users to un-group grouped taskbar icons

Wrote on January 28, 2011, 12:15am

Let me give an example to illistrate why I need single group and ungroup feature.
I always have tons of crap open but excel is my bread and butter. I generally keep my task bar 2 or 3 deep so I can see the names of all the files and click on them quickly. Right now I have 4 pdfs 3 word docs 2 web and 15 excel docs. I don't need the descriptions on anything but excel, and when I want to close I have to close one at a time. I wast about 5-10 minutes a day because of this. If I group everything then I need to click on excel just to see what I want to switch to.

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