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Gadgets Appearing and Disappearing at Random

Submitted by jceddy on December 11, 2009 to Annoyance, Bug, Usability

When I have multiple instances of a gadget running with different settings configurations (specific examples:, Top Processes), when I restart Windows it is a crap shoot as to whether all instances of the gadget appear, or only one or two. (more...)

Properly keep track of all instances of a gadget and re-load them when windows is restarted.




It looks like this IS a problem with the gadget, not a Windows 7 bug. I've contacted the gadget developer, so hopefully it will get fixed (see my post in the comments section).


This submission [Wrong "Last Modified Date"] has been removed because

Deleted by request

-9 +3/-12 votes

Wrong "Last Modified Date"

Submitted by pedro_cesar on April 10, 2010 to Bug

I dunno how or when did this happen but I sure know this is wrong. Look at the creation date and last modified date on the pic.

Ensure that the dates that files are being edited with are right...




I was wrong. This post can be deleted.


This submission [Can't Turn on File Sharing] has been removed because

Sorry, this is not a support forum.

-11 +6/-17 votes

Can't Turn on File Sharing

Submitted by pedro_cesar on August 22, 2009 to Bug

For some odd reason my File Sharing option has been disabled and I can't turn it on.

When I open "Network" and the yellow bar appears on top with message: "File Sharing is turned off. Some network computers and devices (more...)





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