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Most recent submissions in 'Usability' are 'Fixed'

This submission [Magnifier quits when IntelliPoint/IntelliType is installed] has been removed because

IntelliPoint is not part of Windows, sorry.

1 +5/-4 votes

Magnifier quits when IntelliPoint/IntelliType is installed

Submitted by Ambious on April 3, 2010 to Annoyance, Bug, Usability

While either Intellipoint or IntelliType is installed, "Magnifier" will quit unexpectedly if any mouse button is clicked.
Note mentioning is that it doesn't crash, as it displays the shutting-down animation and everything.
Also, (more...)

Completely uninstalling both IntelliType and IntlliPoint seems to solve it, but that's hardly a solution




New version available from Microsoft that fixes this issue


8 +16/-8 votes

A System Repository or Apps Store for Windows 8 or include in a future Service Pack for Windows 7.

Submitted by js10 on January 29, 2010 to Usability

Compared with other OS, for example Linux, IPhone OS or Windows Mobile, Windows OS have not a System Repository or Apps Store. The search for an application is reduced to the web surfing. For improve the experience in the Windows Desktop is necessary (more...)

Implements for Windows 8 or a future Service Pack for Windows 7.




Windows 8 will have an app store.


11 +13/-2 votes

More dual screen shortkeys needed

Submitted by seoman on December 30, 2009 to Annoyance, Usability

When Pressing WIN-P the pop-up selection only shows up at the active screen.
But that might not be the screen were i'm located. (My screens are located in different rooms.)
So i'm am forced to press the Win-P several times.

What would be usable is showing the pop-up on both screens!

But the best solution would be that after pressing win-p you can select the setup by pressing 1-4

win-p, 1 Monitor Only
win-p, 2 clone screen
win-p, (more...)





-6 +4/-10 votes

When saving a file, auto-defaults to having no file type

Submitted by Darkelement on December 11, 2009 to Annoyance, Bug, Usability

I still haven't found a solution to this, but here is the problem:
Whenever I save a file from the internet or anything not saved by a program-specific format (DOCX for office07 for example), it automatically saves it as not having a file (more...)




0 +8/-8 votes

Allow non-Microsoft Programs to use certain features

Submitted by Zedo Mann on November 29, 2009 to Aesthetics, Usability

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I believe that only Microsoft Programs can have these features.

Features such as the ribbon, and the quick access toolbar are not allowed to be used in non-Microsoft programs.

Allow non-Microsoft Programs to use these features.




The RibbonAPI allows any program to have ribbon features.


26 +27/-1 votes

Download window in Internet Explorer should look the same or similar to Windows Explorer

Submitted by Mephiles on October 25, 2009 to Aesthetics, Legacy, Usability

The download window in IE is old and does not comply with the Windows UX Guidelines. It gives too much information, most of which is not needed for the every day user.

When we move or delete files in Windows Explorer, a dialogue box appears. That dialogue box (or a similar one) should be used in IE.




Well, it's not Explorer but redesigned in some way.

26 +31/-5 votes

Albums are NOT sortable by year any more. [Windows Media Player 12]

Submitted by storm8ring3r on October 11, 2009 to Aesthetics, Annoyance, Usability

In Media Player 11, by default, albums were sorted by year, which is very sensible. Now in Media Player 12, they are by default sorted by name (alphabetically). There is no way to sort by year any more.

Make albums sortable by year again in the artist view.




This submission [Recycle bin takes forever to empty] has been removed because

Third-party software issue

21 +26/-5 votes

Recycle bin takes forever to empty

Submitted by adushey on October 6, 2009 to Usability

When I empty the Recycle Bin it sits forever on Calculating..Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate

Found out Nessus 64 and/or Netformx was the problem. Removed and that seemed to fix it.




15 +17/-2 votes


Submitted by wierd101 on July 27, 2009 to Annoyance, Usability

Windows media center is unable to retrieve program information from the epg data that is broadcast with DVB-T in australia (most likely all countries). On digital televisions this data covers up to the next 24hrs of programs.

Allow users to select this as the source of broadcast information instead of relying on a download service that is not available for most areas. It would much improve the ability to record live television and find out what is on.




Must be my tuner

14 +18/-4 votes

Dynamic audio output switching. (FIXED AND REMOVED)

Submitted by fluxtras on July 16, 2009 to Annoyance, Usability

Dynamic audio switching didn't work in Vista.. but works in Windows7.

Though i would still rather get a pop-up of the device change. Now it just does it with following applications, not with current. Sometimes you just plug in a device (more...)


How do I completely remove this post?




Dynamic audio switching works within Winamp as well.

Context menu on sound icon- playback device- dynamic (on the fly) switching works.

Sorry Indrek.

-11 +5/-16 votes

Keyboard/remote (other HID) volume control

Submitted by Jive Turkey on May 19, 2009 to Annoyance, Usability

Dedicated hardare volume buttons don't have any way of specifying which program to adjust the volume on. Therefore, they should control the master volume.
Using volume up/down buttons on the keyboard controls different volume settings depending (more...)

Set all HID volume control to the master volume control, and only the master volume control.




The HID service now controls master volume.

49 +51/-2 votes

Bring back Microsoft Tinker (Vista Ultimate Extras)

Submitted by antiufo on May 15, 2009 to Usability

Microsoft Tinker is an interesting game released as Ultimate Extras, but it can't be downloaded with Windows 7 because it no longer supports Ultimate Extras.

Include Tinker in Ultimate / Home Premium editions, a standard game for every edition, or as optional download.




281 +287/-6 votes

Add the ability to queue file transfers in windows explorer

Submitted by ezzab on May 4, 2009 to Usability

Since i can't really explain it, i'll try illustrate a mock up scenario where the problem happens:

1. Your fiend is over at your place and you're impressing him with your amazing video library.

2. He decides (more...)

Simply add the ability to queue transfers.




Fixed in Windows 8.


24 +34/-10 votes

Desktop background window could look better

Submitted by blueduck12 on April 20, 2009 to Aesthetics, Usability

The Desktop background changer doesn't use space eficiently, the box showing the choices of wallpaers could ocupy more space. Also the point i made in my other submissions is the better use of the glass feature.

Is there a reason for (more...)

Usability: make the wallpaper option box bigger
Aesthetics: Adding glass to the bottom could make the window feel less heavy




the new personalization panel has been changed

17 +19/-2 votes

<FIXED>Hiding/showing menu bar in Media Player doesn't work right [7068]

Submitted by nitrous9200 on April 6, 2009 to Aesthetics, Annoyance, Bug, Usability

Fixed in the RC.
If you hide and/or show the title bar in Media Player (control-M or right click top area), the secondary vertical bar showing the "Organize", "Stream" and "Create playlists" buttons seems to disappear, (more...)

Make the title bar hide and show properly like in previous betas, WMP11, etc etc.




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